Did you know that the majority of people hate their spring clean? Why not eliminate the annual burden, and make a small yet consistent effort to keep your home tidy all year round?

Our team has pulled together 5 simple and effective tips for making this happen:

  • Be proactive not reactive, and get organised! Create a monthly plan of cleaning tasks for the year ahead, and space them out. Mark them on your calendar or pop reminders into your phone so you don’t forget. This ensures you get through them gradually, and aren’t left with a mound of urgent work to get through.
  • Split your jobs by room, and get through them one at a time throughout the year. You can then achieve ultimate cleanliness in each room, before moving to the next, and you’ll really notice the results.
  • Alternatively, you can organise your tasks based on the level of priority. We’d recommend tackling your biggest pain points first, as you will feel so much relief and satisfaction!
  • Do your research. There are loads of theories, research and best practices across the web that can really help you, and truly suit your personal preferences and lifestyle. Marie Kondo has developed a popular method for cleaning your home, so that is a great starting point.
  • Don’t forget the smaller or more obscure jobs! From dusting the tops of your skirting boards, to descaling your taps, paying attention to the smaller details will make your home feel magnificently clean from top to bottom.