When a prospective client walks through the door and you’re ready to pitch your organisations’ services, you will probably be thinking about how smoothly your PowerPoint presentation is going to run, or if your costs are positioned correctly.

However, have you ever considered that maybe your business deal could have already been swayed by first impressions? And believe us, first impressions matter.

Before your guests even get to speak with you, they will begin a customer journey. They will walk through the door of your organisation and be welcomed by your receptionist. Is your reception welcoming? Is it clean?

An unsightly stain on the carpet or a dusty reception desk is going subconsciously create a poor impression of the business on your guests. This negative is then going to stay with them before they walk into the boardroom.

Imagine that when they walk up your company’s staircase, that their hand crosses a sticky banister. They might then walk into the boardroom, and what would happen if there are coffee cup rings covering the surface?

All of these minor points convey a first impression. If your business is unclean and poorly presented from the outset, this could potentially make or break your business deal before you’ve even made your pitch.

It might seem simple, but it is something that needs to constantly be considered.

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