Had a catastrophe with the cream carpet and a glass of Rioja? Don’t fret. The team at Proud Group have provided their emergency response tips to reduce and eliminate any damage.

  1. Move as fast as you can – you need to deal with this situation as quickly as possible to get the best results. The longer you leave it, the deeper into the fibres the wine will seep, making it much harder to remove.
  1. Dab or blot the excess liquid with an absorbent material, such as kitchen roll or a sponge. Do not rub, as this will likely result in an unsightly stain that is near impossible to clean.
  1. If the spill happened less than 2 minutes ago, then applying salt should be your first choice – this helps to soak up any excess liquid and stops it seeping further into the carpet or rug. It is also particularly effective for carpets and rugs! Sprinkle a thick layer over the area, let it sit for around one hour and then brush off.
  1. Apply white wine to neutralise the stain. It does seem like an odd suggestion, but trust us, it can work wonders!
  1. Create a baking soda paste and apply it gently to the stained area. Then dip a cloth in white vinegar, ring it out, and wipe the area. The stain should be gone!
  1. If you’ve spilled your vino on the tablecloth or something similar, then boiling water could be your best friend. Find a large glass bowl and tightly stretch the material over it. Then pour the hot water on it, and the stain should start disappearing before your eyes.
  1. If it’s an old and dry stain you’re trying to budge, an oxi cleaning product will do the trick. These can be more of a challenge to remove, but it is possible, so don’t give up! Saturate the area with hot water, add the oxi product, and your stain should be gone in a few hours.